Estimated that there are about 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia. By diversity of various ethnic groups, Indonesia is one of the most attractive destination in the world. The Indonesian culture is well-known as an image of a dominant one and amalgamation of certain similar cultures of China, India.

To discuss stories about Indonesian culture, we can continue day by day. But there are 3 outstanding things you can’t know about Indonesian culture. Following it and enjoy more interesting stories.


There are various religion in Indonesia, including: Muslim, Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. In all of them, Muslim is the biggest religion. The Indonesian are affected seriously from their religion besides being a secular country by law.

In general, Muslim is majority with huge population. But other religions never compete or fight each other. They live and support each other peacefully and happily.


The feeling of community or family is not different. Anyhow you are close or strange, the Indonesian treat friendly and closely as open relationship. This tradition has origin from earliest history when they were communal. Farmers together worked and cultivated on the land as well the natural resource. People in villages kept contact and close-knit with other communities. They took care of each other or organized festival, party. They though that it was the great way to enjoy the life.

Even, in the modern life, friendliness still is maintained in office workplace, modern public or classrooms. It seems comfortable when you can live in the peaceful area as Indonesian community.


Indonesia has millions of island so they are rich with herbs and spices. The people are smart to utilize the abundance of those ingredients then make traditional recipes. Food is one of the most feature in there. Recipes for dishes can vary from one locality to another according to the special thing in the area.

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