51 foreign boats in Indonesia sunk to erase illegal fishing in this country

In an effort of the Indonesian authorities to prevent illegal fishing in this country, 51 foreign ships have been sunk.

There were ships at five ports across the archipelago in Indonesia and they were all sunk on Saturday. The archipelago has been known as the place with the world richest fishing grounds, according to Fisheries Ministry and the Maritime.

The origin of the sunk ships was announced, including 38 Vietnamese, 2 Chinese, 6 Malaysian, and 1 Filipino flagged. The rest of the sunk vessels are flagged Indonesian.

Fisheries minister Susi Pudjiastuti, in an explanation of the action, delivered a speech affirming that the illegal boats threatened the development of the local fishing industry. She said that the illegal action cannot be tolerated any longer, so it is reasonable to sink those fishing boats.

However, the last occasion when the illegal boats were blown out into pieces was really a tragic. Thus, many people say that this time it is still a mercy from the Indonesian authorities. There was even a video showing that Ms. Pudjiastuti and some other local officers clapped their hands when the foreign boats sank.

Before that, two Vietnamese coast guard rammed an Indonesian navy patrol ship, accusing that it went fishing in the Vietnamese water area. From October of 2014, the Indonesian government has sunk 500 illegal ships, even used explosions.

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