6 things about religion in Indonesia

Have you had plan to travel to Indonesia? It seems a great trip because it has a new place to discover about culture and religion. Religion plays an important role in development of daily lives.

Here is 6 things about religion in Indonesia to prepare a meaningful trip to Indonesia

1, History and origins

Indonesia was well-known as the area of prehistoric human with many ancient marks like a tooth or a skullcap. Some researchers found out it in Sangiran, Indonesia.

So it’s amazing to discover origins of the human and listen historical stories from the local.

2, Wave of immigration

Indonesia had been become a great destination of foreigner from India, China, Cambodia, Arabic countries, Britain and Dutch. So combination several cultures throughout the years has contributed to make various religion of Indonesia.

3, Islam is the main religion

According to Pew’s data, there are 205 million of Muslims therefore Islam is actually the biggest religion in Indonesia. It originates from Arab merchants in India and Persia coming Indonesia for business.

Religion will impact thoughts and actions of the crowded, especially the young.

4, Hinduism and Buddhism

Both regions are strongly developed and widened from the area to others. Although they are familiar, they have not fought against each other. You can visit Borobudur temple or some Buddhist festivals in Java and Sumatra so that you can deeply understand about Hinduism and Buddhism.

5, Christianity in Indonesia

Beside the big religions above, Christianity is a religion in Indonesia when Portuguese and Spaniards invaded Indonesian islands in 1500s.

6, Tolerance and harmony in religion

As introduced, there are other religions in Indonesia. But the local seem not to conflict about religion. The government and people try the best to share equality, harmony, tolerance and peace among other religions. They respect and develop each other.

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