A Polish tourist is sent into prison in Indonesia for treason

Five years in jail is the final sentence for the Polish tourist in Indonesia. For the court in the east of this country, the tourist was convicted of plotting with rebels.

Last August, this tourist, named Jakub Skrzypski, was arrested in Papua province. He was 39 when being caught, and was accused of treason. What he did is to make contacts with separatists in this province.

At the time and the place, there was also another student called Simon Magal, who met Jakub and contacted him on Facebook. For the accusation, finally Simon Magal was also convicted for four years in jails.

Even when the sentence was made, Skrzypski kept on telling that he was innocent, and her was just a tourist so there was no reason for the treason accusation. He denied all the crimes that were accused of, especially the accusation that he plotted against the state.

Answered to BBC interviews, he expressed the disappointment and anger of unfair treatment, when he had no chance to defense himself and speak against the accusations. Furthermore, he could not present good enough evidence, so he can do nothing except rejecting weakly to the trial.

Lawyer of Skrzypski said that she would appeal against the decision of the trial. She insisted on the fact that her client was the first foreigner to be found guilty of treason in the country, alongside his friend. He got no idea about the people he would meet. They turned out to be activists, but he remained a tourist, who no nothing about friends he just knows via social media.

At the trial, the accusation of Skrzypski to raise an arms deal was not mentioned. The foreigner was caught when he was travelling in Papua and met members of the National Committee for West Papua, who aimed at campaign for a referendum on independence, in a non-violent way.

According to the Indonesian law, it is illegal to raise the Papua independence flag or support the referendum, even though the group of people is not outlawed. The tourist is arrested for joining in the army, one of four separatist organisations in Papua province.

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