Computer-based exams will be compulsory for up to 74% students in Kalimantan

Although the examination on computer has not been executed in all schools in West Kalimantan, there are 121,204 students will take part in this model of exam instead of the traditional format this year. The Education Officer Suprianus Herman in West Kalimantan said, only 26% students in West Kalimantan will still take the Paper & Pencil-based model in this year National Exams.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho computer-based exam in kalimantan

The National Examination in 2019 will be carried out in West Calimantan from March 25 to May 13, according to the announcement of West Kalimantan Education Office. During this time, there are 2,574 education units in West Kalimantan will take the exam. This number includes junior high schools, high schools and vocational schools from 14 urban and rural areas in this Province.

The exam this year will include 100% students from senior high schools, and 52% junior highschool at the same level. Correspondingly, 71,820 students from 865 high schools, 91,649 students from 1,682 units at junior high level, 45,806 students from 558 units at MA level, and 18,960 students from 195 units of vocational schools will take part in the exam.

To implement this model of exam, West Kalimantan prepared a stable server operated by Telkom telecommunication and the State Electricity Corporation PLN. For the areas with poorer conditions such as the border areas and remote districts, it takes even more time for the preparation. However, it is still a praiseworthy effort of the whole education office to improve the quality of teaching and studying in West Kalimantan. By a gradual strategy to change the traditional model of education, there will be positive results in the long term.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho computer-based exam in kalimantan

West Kalimantan Education Office expects to have an increasing index of integrity in the computer-based National Exam. Through the implementation, the Province has put an effort in improving the quality of learning and teaching, raising the stardard of education nationwide.

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