Development about economics in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia with a great economic potential based on commercial and industry.

Indonesia is also the most populous in the world with almost Muslim-majority. It is both challenge and opportunity for the economic growth

Indonesia is also a developing country, so it has some special positions for newly advanced economic development. Furthermore, by the strong support and upgrading international policy from the Government, Indonesia has got more and more achievements recently. Infrastructure development, fiscal reform and changing the business climate are also big key goals to boost stronger and stronger economic successes. As consequences, the Government policies have made progress. Actually, level of Indonesia development is very rapid. Nowadays, it ranks 7th largest economy by exchanging power parity. Guessed that it will be the 15th largest country about economy in 2030. They are important accomplishments from economic reform of the Government. It is giant achievements for a developing country in the road to become a developed country.

Although Indonesia reach many good advantages about economy, there are some fear of finance, society and pollution under the surface of success. They are risker in economic growth in the future.

Some analysis reviewed that growth path of Indonesia economy is inadequate and instable. They have pointed out issues about structure and the current growth model.  As a bad result, barriers will ineffectively lead to limit in international trade and investment. They also recommend policies and solutions to get faster growth while stability.

Indonesia has some unique opportunities to push faster economy growth based potential efforts of the Government and the local. Doing better if they focus on the environment problem. It is the key to reach fast and sustainable growth. Hope that by many efforts, Indonesia can gain stronger productivity and meaningful turnaround compared with other economies in the world

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