Food in Indonesia: top 10 the best dishes you should eat

Indonesia has a rich and historic country so a meal is never just a meal. Through dishes, you can feel more meaningful things except from the nutrition such as traditions, stories, culture and unique cuisine. So top 10 the best dishes you should try when you travel to Indonesia like a necessary tip to have a great trip.

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Let it continue to check list dishes in Indonesia:

6. Siomay

One of outstanding feature of street food there is addition peanut sauce. Siomay is one of unique meal when you try street cuisine. It is Indonesia version of dim sum which is famous for Chinese food. It includes in steamed fish dumpling, steamed potato, cabbage, egg and peanut sauce.  Many other delicious tastes are connected and mixed to create Siomay.

Let it imagine that you will enjoy Siomay from a bicycle vendor and immerse landscapes on the street food of the local.

7. Indomie

It is known as instant noodle made in Indonesia with so many flavors for your choice. It’s amazing that you only pay 25 cents to enjoy a quick and satisfying snack.

It’s useful and convenient for your long journey. Further its taste is easy to eat, even you are a vegetarian.

8. Nasi Uduk

It is also called the national dish because it’s popular both the local and tourist. It contains rice cooked in coconut milk and fried chicken, soybean cake, shredded omelette, fried onion, anchovies and melinjo nut crackers. It’s delicious.

You should try it for your lunch with your team. Sure that you feel full of stomach after finishing it.

9. Sweet Martabak

It is one of the most favorite dessert in Indonesia. It seems similar with pancake. Main ingredients consist of chocolate, cheese, peanuts or fruit.

10. Pempek

You aslo should try Pempek in Indonesia. It has many versions but the most famous kind is Pempek with fish and tapioca or shrimp powder.

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