Food in Indonesia: top 10 the best dishes you should eat

(Part 1)

By the diversity of Indonesian culture, there are many kind of food in out of uncountable food which attracts tourist. If you want to explore all beauties in Indonesia, you can’t miss food. Try it and feel about Indonesian, culture and nature there.

Here is top 10 the best Indonesian dishes as your recommendation:

1. Indonesian Satay

It means meat skewers which grilled on coals. It seems juicy and tasty. It is served with rice cakes (called ketupat) and a little peanut sauce poured all over the dish.

Satay is considered as a national dish which has originated from street vendors. Because it’s simple and familiar with the local. It is spread out everywhere.

2. Beef Rendang

It is original from Padang, Sumatra. Food in Padang is famous for spicy taste and rich flavor. A little chili, pepper are mixture in beef. Assure that you are completely satisfactory about beef rending.

3. Fried Rice

It’s one of the most famous dish in Indonesia which are well known all over the world. It is combined by veggies, chicken, beef, sea-food or anything you think it can.

What makes Fried Rice in Indonesia more special than other kinds of rice is keycap. It is a type of sweet, thick soy sauce made from the local. To make it more delicious, they decorate with some acar, pickled cucumber and carrots.

4. Nasi Rawon

It is made in East Java. The main recipe is beef stew. This dish is very nutritious and eye-catching with black color from the use of keluak nut and nutty flavor.

You can use it with a bowl of rice. It’s perfect for diiner.

5. Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

The oxtail has been fried or barbecued carefully then cook to become a mixture soup. It looks like tasty and yummy.

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