Importance of tourism in Indonesia

Indonesia has opened new land to welcome and develop tourism. This means that more and more foreigners tend to visit this country. The fact that, tourism is contributed to build up strong industry in Indonesia. There are many opportunities to open to Indonesians when tourism is successful. This article will continue to introduce importance of tourism in Indonesia.

5/ Highly appreciate Indonesia’s beauty

Thanks to tourism, many beautiful landscapes in Indonesia have been introduced to the world naturally. Visiting this nation, many people know to ancient temples and tribes as well traditional dances. All culture is unique in every region so both the local and visitor highly appreciate it and increase awareness to preserve and develop them better

6/ Pushing awareness about importance on Indonesia’s environment 

The Indonesia kindly understand about role of the environment in the general development in the human so they tend to take foreigners to tour around the natural habitats. This method is highly appreciated because it pushes awareness about importance of the environment which can also create great effort to protect it. The true that preservation the environment in Indonesia also contributes to preserve and maintain good life for the human.

7/ Introduce Indonesia to all friends all over the world

Through tourism, they can introduce themselves to other countries about all aspects like: culture, society, economy, cuisine or the local. Visiting one country means you spend time to discover many things about it. As consequences, the more people know about Indonesia, the more they are interested to introduce to others. It can support to create positive chains in the development of tourism. So smooth number of tourists continues to increase each year.

8/ Contribute to protect the local flora and fauna

Thanks to revenue from tourism, the Government can have budget to help in the animal welfare which are being endangered. Another way, tourism makes the second chance in life for some endangered animals.

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