Importance of tourism in Indonesia

In Indonesia, tourism is one the most important industry which brings huge revenue for GDP (gross domestic product) annually. Millions of foreigners visit and travel to Indonesia as the private trip. This article will discuss importance of tourism in Indonesia.

1/ Improvement Indonesia’s economy

The first benefit of tourism is a huge source of income for Indonesia’s economy. Tourists come there and are ready to pay money to discover or get experience in foods, relax, stay as well travel. Many jobs relate to tourism as tour guide, driver, owner for restaurants so on. They serve and meet enough demands for walk of foreigner life.

When the local earn more money, they have ability to buy and care their life better.

2/ Reduce poverty

The truth that Indonesia is a developing country so there is a strong number of poverty. Thanks to tourism, the local government have more budget to support the poor such as provision free food & water, open free vocational training school or setting up community home for refugee.

Besides it, tourism also broadens more job for manual labor and metal labor force. When they have opportunities to earn money, they can reduce poverty better and faster.

3/ Praise Indonesia’s beauty

Indonesia is famous for many unique temples and tribes as well traditional dances. In general, they have rich culture which contributes to various beauty of the nature and the human. Many tourist prefer to travelling in Indonesia for exploration and real experience.

Through tourism, the local can have knowledge about culture value in their country. To improve these information source, they understand value to maintain and develop their country’s beauty better.

4/ Improvement in local region

Thanks to budget from tourism, the local have enough finance to build up new public places or restore traditional attractions.

More improvements in their society will brings positive effects for the local life. They can receive a happier lives with high quality.

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