Indonesia – The ideal destination for your travel

As you know, Inddonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. It is comprised of over 17,500 islands, large and small and it is also the fastest growing economy in Asia.

We had a good night’s sleep in the hotel after days of strenuous travel, the field trip started the next morning. Our first destination was Tanjung Benoa beach. Before traveling here, all of us and the foreign tourists were gathered in the hall.

With a team of tour guides with a full range of languages, they introduce the beach, programs as well as games that everyone can join. In Tanjung benoa the most famous is the colorful coral and vegetation under the sea.

As scheduled, we will go to Denyu Island first. This is a small island with a zoo water park with many animals. We were then taken back to Tanjung benoa beach, and now it’s our time, we can play any game we want.

After lunch, our journey started again, the next destination was Kuta beach. It is an ideal meeting place for those who are passionate about windsurfing. Besides, this is also a place where many services open from watching the sunset, swimming, and surfing

Our next destination is Panglipuran village – the most unique ancient village in Indonesia with many ancient Balinese architecture. It is 700m above sea level, so the climate here is very cool.

Continuing the trip, this is an almost indispensable part for tourists is the traditional Balinese dance. This is a dance art form combining many ethnic musical instruments.

Through this dance, the Balinese people express their beliefs and aspirations towards a better life. The Balinese believe that nature is a unity and a balance between the good and the bad.

Therefore, the Balinese people consider this Barong dance as a prayer ritual to repel evil and restore equilibrium. Besides, each visitor has a gift as a souvenir when watching this dance.

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