Indonesian cuisine in diverse cultural colors

Indonesian cuisine is an unforgettable experience for all visitors to the country of thousands of islands.

Indeed, the variety is not only in the way food is processed, but also in the way of enjoying Indonesian food. Spices are one of the most important factors in food processing. Even in Indonesia, spices can contribute to the creation of new dishes with specific flavors.

Phong cách ẩm thực ở đảo Bali

Red peppers are the main condiments, present in all dishes, so Indonesian dishes have a spicy tongue. This is the spiciness of chili, not the pungency of pepper as in Indian dishes.

Indonesians do not use a knife on the dining table like Westerners. Here, urban people often hold a spoon in their right hand and fork in their left hand. However, in some areas like West Java or West Sumatra, people have a habit of using their hands to pick up food.

When making dinner, Indonesian people prepare dishes in a very special way, the food is displayed on a large tray placed in the middle of the house. According to custom, if invited to eat such a meal, visitors should not eat all. But each dish should leave a little to prove that they are very full and the meal is extremely delicious.

Sambal is a traditional dish that is indispensable in Indonesian meals. This is a dipping sauce with main ingredients made of red chili, often served with other dishes. Most of the Indonesian family, the daughter grows up will be passed down by the mother how to make sambal.

Đặc sắc ẩm thực tại đảo thiên đường Bali | VIETRAVEL

Each family can customize this dish with many different flavors such as grilled sambal, fried fish, dried fish or processed from chicken or beef. Currently, some ready-made sambal are sold in supermarkets in many countries.

The diversity of ethnic groups, religions as well as the isolation of the islands has made each region in Indonesia have different eating styles. In particular, the unique culinary style of the people on the island of Bali is an interesting thing that cannot be missed.

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