Kebaya – Indonesian traditional costume

Referring to Indonesia people can not help but mention the traditional costume Kebaya. Kebaya is originated from the Arabic language – Kaba means “costume” and was introduced into Indonesia in Portuguese language. Since then Kebaya began to appear to refer to the style of clothes – dress.

Around the 15th or 16th century, Kebaya was considered a noble outfit and was only for the royal family, the nobles and a small part of the upper class. Gradually, Kebaya quickly became an indispensable costume of the Indonesian people and gradually spread to the surrounding areas.

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Traditional kebaya also has a batik-like stagen cloth over it. The shirt is tied with brooch – kerongsang. Kerongsang is made of gold and is considered a symbol of the aristocracy. Normally, Kebaya is worn with kain skirts – a strip of cloths with many lively pleats wrapped around the body from waist to bottom.

Despite the ups and downs in history both political and social in Indonesia, Kebaya remains unwavering. This confirms the importance of Kebaya in the subconscious of Indonesian people. Especially when this fashion becomes a symbol of women’s liberation in Indonesia with the close connection between Kebaya.

Nowadays, Kebaya is innovated in many new and simpler styles. Flame-retardant cotton cloth with batik skirt with motifs of Garuda bird wings and small dots bearing the symbol of jasmine. Garuda Indonesia’s flight attendant attire is a prime example of a modern Kebaya.

Kebaya - trang phục biểu tượng của Indonesia - Air Booking

Kebaya is also the wedding dress of many powerful women in Indonesia and is considered a “masterpiece of art”. Details and patterns are sewn on the arms. Designers like Ami Amianto have made Kebaya an important part of Indonesian fashion history.

If you happen to see a woman wearing a Kebaya, believe that they are carrying a historical symbol. And the culture of the nation of Indonesia and a whole luxurious fashion style.

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