Lost amidst unspoiled paradise on Sulawesi Island – Indonesia

Sulawesi is one of the most beautiful islands that you should not miss when traveling to Indonesia. To make the trip more complete and memorable, you do not forget to read the Sulawesi island travel experience that we share in this article.

Sulawesi is also known as Celebes. It is one of Indonesia’s largest islands belonging to the large Sunda Islands. It is also one of the 10 largest islands in the world.

kinh nghiệm du lịch đảo Sulawesi

Compared to other Indonesian islands, Sulawesi tourism has not grown as strong as its inherent potential. However, thanks to that, this place still retains the wild and peaceful beauty that makes anyone come here also enjoy.

The weather and climate of the North – South on Sulawesi island is quite different. If in the North there is almost no dry season, in the South the rainy and dry seasons are clearly divided.

In addition to aircraft, you can choose to go by ship. For the most convenient, you should fly to Jakarta or Bali. Then from here you take the train to Sulawesi. Although it will take more time, the cost will be cheaper than flying so you should consider.

According to Sulawesi Island travel experience, if you are going to travel to the South, you should choose the time from June to October. to October every year.

Sulawesi is an island with many interesting and fascinating destinations waiting for us to explore. One of the destinations that any tourist visiting Sulawesi cannot ignore is Makassar. This is a beautiful city and will bring visitors countless interesting experiences.

Tana Toraja is an extremely famous village in Indonesia. It has existed for hundreds of years. Coming here, you will be completely separated from the modern life outside.

kinh nghiệm du lịch đảo Sulawesi

This entire village exudes a peaceful, casual beauty. The life of the people here seem to mingle with nature. Especially, when visiting Tana Toraja village, you will have the opportunity to witness the unique and special funeral in the world here.

For those who love nature, like to explore, Bunaken National Park is truly a great destination. It is also considered one of the largest biosphere reserves in the world today.

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