Marvel at the fairy beauty of Djawatan forests on Java island, Indonesia

Nature endowed the nation of thousands of Indonesian islands, not only famous blue beaches, majestic volcanoes, but also amazing tropical forests. Djawatan Forest is located on the outskirts of Banyuwangi city, the eastern tip of Java Island, where the first sunrise of the island is received.

Visitors only need to travel by car for nearly 1 hour to be able to immerse themselves in the fresh space of the tropical forest. The people of Banyuwangi and tourists come here to picnic often.

Djawatan forest was built in 1951 and completed in 1961. In the beginning, this was the place to manage trains. Therefore, there is still a train shop displaying an old train. After that, this place became a local storage place for timber.

The deeper people step into the forest, the more people feel lost in the fairyland with mysterious lights piercing the tall trees. The forest management board has built wooden houses on trees that are 2 or 3 people in size so that visitors can see the whole forest.

Occasionally, people can see the image of boys and girls sitting on the wooden dunes singing and singing in the green forest. This is the perfect picnic place for the family or simply where you can sit on a swing listening to the birds singing and read a favorite book. Guests can also use a horse cart service to visit the forest or take photos here.

In order to conserve the forest, the management board regulates that no action should be taken to affect the handcuffed trees. That’s such as breaking branches and picking leaves, especially prohibiting tickets to the trees.

Every year, the Djawatan Forest Management Board coordinates with schools to organize biological education programs for students. Djawatan forest will be included in the program of 10 key tourist destinations of Indonesia to promote domestic and foreign tourism.

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