Most attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia

With a large area and the diverse culture, Indonesia is a country with a huge population and is a tourist destination with tremendous attraction. Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world, with 6,000 islands among 18,110 in total being inhabited.

Indonesia is a country with 300 ethnic minorities and has 250 languages. With about 240 million people, this is one of the Asian countries with high population. Tourists coming to Indonesia often consider Bali as the most beautiful island to visit. However, there are still more to discover in this vast archipelago.

On the Island of Sumatra, the volcanic lake Toba is really beautiful with the length of 100 km and the width of 30 km. Its giant volcano erupted 70,000 years ago before forming such breath-taking landscape scenery. This is a wonderful place to come for relaxing and swimming.

If you consider to visit a National Park, you should not skip the Tanjung Puting, which is located on the Borneo island, the Center of Kalimantan. For a discovery tour, it may take some days to travel by boat and contemplate the beauty of the national park and discover the wildlife nature of the animals here. In this park, you will have a chance to see orangutans, crocodiles, pythons, sun bears, clouded leopards, macaques, and gibbon. Nonetheless, the natural habitat of wild animals is now endangered, as so many illegal actions to clear the forest for agriculture has been still processing.

If you want to explore the life of the tribal world, with old and cultural activities, you will like Baliem Valley. In 1938, this alley was discovered in an aerial reconnaissance fight. You need to reach Wamena, the starting point from which you can capture the beautiful sights of mountain views, rivers, and experience the life of tribal communities.

Indonesia is still more attractive with so many things to discover. If you ave not been to any of the destinations mentioned above, its is the high time to read about them and decide best places to visit in your trip to Indonesia.

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