One day cultural experience in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is the administrative center and intersection of many different cultures. They create a residential community with diverse cultural and religious identities.

Kemang is one of the busiest and most youthful areas in Jakarta. This is the perfect place for self-sufficient Indonesian tourists to enjoy a local breakfast and start the day with energy.

A cup of coffee and delicious cakes at Komunal 88 would be great. This is a cafe with a variety of snacks made with selected Indonesian authentic ingredients.

You can visit Jakarta’s most famous showroom, Dia.lo.gue. Tourists often say that, in order to understand about a country or ethnic group on their journey, the shortest and most lively way is to visit museums.

Near the National Monument is the Menteng district. This is a busy and quite luxurious area of ​​Jakarta. That’s where high-class restaurants and specialty Indonesian dishes are gathered.

Indonesian tourists who come to Jakarta for themselves almost always stop by this road to immerse themselves in the unique culinary space. The Bunga Rampai restaurant is a prominent example in Menteng.

Bunga Rampai serves dishes with typical Indonesian flavors in a Dutch architectural space. And Seribu Rasa has a richer menu, complementing many of Southeast Asian’s famous dishes.

Religious diversity is also a feature of Indonesia. With 6 official religions, this is an opportunity for tourists to visit more famous churches and temples.

North Jakarta has a huge number of Chinese people living and doing business. Since traveling to Indonesia by yourself will be very comfortable in terms of time, so please enjoy the atmosphere here at ease.

In China Town, you can find many ancient temples and pagodas, shops selling Chinese-style jewelry and handicrafts. Batavia was chosen as the capital of Indonesia during the period of Dutch colonial rule, later changed to Jakarta.

This is the gathering place for the important administrative buildings of the country. Many buildings with classic European architectural style weave in the old town.

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