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According to statics from the WHO, Indonesia’s education system is ranked the fourth-largest in the world. Estimated that there are over 50 million students including from kids to students, 3 million teachers and over 250,000 schools for all education levels spread across the nation. Furthermore, this number is always continuing to grow up every year.

In this article, we will share quickly educational information in Indonesia.

About education system in Indonesia

In this nation, they offer public and private education system within 12 years, including primary education from one to six grades, called sekolah dasar-SD, junior high education from seven to nine grades, called sekolah menengah pertama-SMP and senior high education from ten to twelve grades, called sekolah menengah atas-SMA.

The ministry of national education is responsible for nonreligious and public schools and the ministry of religious affairs is responsible for religious, private, and semiprivate schools. There are only two affairs to supervise and manage all problems in education in Indonesia.

The fact that Indonesian’s education has a shortage of qualified teachers for some main subjects such as math, science and English. The rate of students has been reduced for higher level. For example, there is a third of students to graduate high school education. In this number, there is only half of them complete elementary school education then continues to complete middle school. Then out half of them complete middle school education from high school grades.

To solve this issue, there are a variety of teacher-training programs should be improved and upgraded. For instance, salary for teacher should be paid higher and higher to encourage more qualified teachers. Besides it, to increase quality of teaching, primary-school teachers need graduating from a senior high school with good certifications. Or the teachers for higher levels also need graduating university-level education course.

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