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Population in Indonesia has about 264 million people so it ranks the fourth about the most populous nations in the world. From the large population, it also affects to policies about education in this country. The fact that, the Government can’t control perfectly total population when the territory spans more than 17,000 islands along equator between the Pacific and the Indian sea. The large area leads to accessing educational method in limit. Furthermore, Indonesia has a diverse, complicated and multi region nation with more than 300 ethnic groups and hundreds of different languages all over the nation.

To understand clearly about education in Indonesia, this article will share you some quickly educational information as the followings:

In general, Indonesia has lower literacy levels than others nations, especially compared to other Southeast Asian nations. According to report from the World Bank, there are 55 percent of people can’t read and write functionally, compared with only 14 percent and 20 percent in Vietnam and Malaysia respectively. As the most important strategy in development, Indonesia struggles to built up inclusive and high-quality education to total Indonesian people in total areas.

Besides literacy level, tertiary attainment level is also low than others. There is only 9 percent being over 25 age can reach a bachelor’s degree. This data was made survey in 2006. This percentage is the lowest among all members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). As bad consequence, there is high level for unemployment among university-educated students. Hence they don’t want to focus so much time for learning in university. The fact that, this state is being improved when the Government appeals many educated students to apply good jobs, therefore the number of people with bachelor’s degree should be improved and grown rapidly.

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