The Batam Miniature Park in Indonesia

The Batam Miniature Park presents a collection of 33 famous replicas. They are 33 typical traditional small houses depicted from across the various Indonesian provinces. All replicas are connected by a walkway with lush green landscapes of The Batam Miniature Park.

Visiting each province to see Indonesian arts and culture is very pleasant but this requires a lot of money. At that time, Batam Miniature Park was an interesting destination not to be missed.

du lịch Bali tự túc - Giá vé Việt Nam đi Bali khoảng 7 triệu đồng. Ảnh: Eduardo Velazco Guart on Unsplash

There are often cultural activities held at the park. The Batam Miniature Park is located on a large area with a long winding road.

All traditional houses in The Batam Miniature Park are made from cement with a height of about 1.5 meters. All traditional houses are also completed with name tags and provenance of that province.

If visitors want to see all the traditional houses. You need to go around by walking 30 minutes after the walkway. Batam Miniature Park is not just a tourist attraction and locals come to visit.

They also serve to showcase illustrative examples of different cultures and heritage of Indonesian people. This place includes traditional houses for each province of the country.

It is complemented with decorations and patterns from the territories, along with clothing and handicrafts. Bali hotels also have a service to arrange food on the rattan trays for guests to check-in to the hotel.

Cung điện nước Tirta Gangga Indonesia

If you want to conveniently travel to popular tourist destinations, you can rent hotels and resorts in Ubud. This is the tourist center of Bali, so services such as bicycle rental are available.

If you prefer to enjoy the cool breeze every day, visitors have the option of renting hotels around the beach such as Seminiyak or Kuta. Despite being a popular tourist destination in Asia, on par with the Maldives, the price of hotel rooms in Bali is quite low.

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