Top 5 history about Khitanan traditions in Indonesia

Indonesia is well-knowns as home of culture and tradition with diversity of other traditional forms. One of thing we should refer when discussing traditions in Indonesia is Khitanan.

Khitanan plays a meaningful role in growth of culture in this nation. This article will describe more facts about Khitanan.

3/ Betawi Tribe

Betawi tribe combines 2 aspects to make special tradition in Khitanan, including culture and religion. In this tribe, parents have responsibility to share Khitana stories like customs, residents around them or daily habits to their children.

As regulation, a boy will do Khitanan when he is 7 years old as long as he also completes his Al-Qur’an, Islamic scripture, reading. At the ceremony, this boy also is the key person and manages it in a good appearance of traditional clothing. He will ride on the horse and visit around his village. Tanjidor is the traditional music during the ceremony.

4/ Tengger Tribe

Before the Khitanan, the boy should visit his ancestor’s grave to offer permission from the former for this ceremony. In Khitanan occasion, this boy will be bathed and prayed health, happiness and wealth by the shaman and other relatives.

During this ceremony, there is a cutting roaster’s comb step. It means the boy will not feel any pain during the Khitanan process. After the Khitana, the boy has to serve another ceremony, called piringan. It includes 7 plates of rice, mori cloth, money, banana, coconut and sugar. It seems an unique thing for this tribe.

5/ Bugis tribe

Different from other above tribes, Bugis has two Khitanan ceremonies for the boy and girl. If served for the boy, it is called Khitanan of massunna while Khitanan for girl is makkatte.

The purpose of Khtanan is to purify all children and pray a better life for them. In this region, bathing for children by the sacred-well water is unique tradition.

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