Top 5 history about Khitanan traditions in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Khitanan is well-known not only religious guidance but also cultural traditions which have been transferred from generation to other generations. If you want to discover beauty of traditions in Indonesia, you should understand traditions in Khitanan. This article will be useful to share top 5 history about traditions in Khitanan in Indonesia.

Aceh Tribe

Located in the tip of Sumatera island, Aceh Tribe is proud of organize the ceremonies for Khitanan tradition. The purpose of this ceremony is to welcome the mature period of the boy and pray for him with health and happiness. Another purpose is to drive the misfortune or other bad things away from the boy so that they hope all lucks will be brought to his life.

It will start with duduak niniak mamak which is a discussion forum to decide time for action Khitanan and other jobs. Then the next Khitanan tradition is to dye the boy’s nail, celebrate respect to the honorable elder then take a bath and cut the boy’s hair. All steps are taken until the khitanan itself.

Sundanese Tribe

In Sundanese tribe, the history of Khitanan tradition is funny and joyful when there are many traditional art shows in these ceremonies. The fact that, the ceremony is also the cultural tradition in Sundanese tribe so the local always expect to organize it.

All people around the main actor will do Khitanan and excite for this celebration together as the same joy.

Before officially Khitanan ceremony, the boy will be worn the big lion costume and travelled around the neighborhood. The parent can use a trained horse to serve the boy for this visit.

After the Khitanan ceremony finishes, they also hold art shows to forget the pain of the boy during his Khitanan process.

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