Top famous culture in Indonesia

Indonesia is considered as the heaven for cultural values, along the length of nation from Sabang until Merauke. Especially cultural customs in Indonesia is not only famous in the local but also well known in the global world. It is valued as unique treasure of the nation.

Frankly by authenticity and originality in culture, it can capture Indonesian love to their nation. Discovering the culture of an exotic archipelago make you more travelling experience and knowledge. Here is top famous culture you should know when you come Indonesia.


It had been known in the pre-history when balitung inscriptions wasn’t founded. During this development and promotion, it has other versions like wayang kulit, wayang golek or wayang orang.

Indonesian are always proud of wayang so it has a strong performance until now.


In 2009, UNESCO praised it as Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Nonbendawi Culture. It is combination between culture development and motive technology.

Actually, batik is only a cloth made through traditional staining techniques. In an important conference, President of Indonesia wore batik. From this event, the local always respect and love batik as beautiful culture of their nation.


It is well known as multi musical instrument in the developing period of society. When someone shake it, it can produce special sounds. Mixture of sounds is different from other player.

The main material of this instrument is bamboo. So it also called a traditional instrument of Indonesia. Further, it is popular with people in Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

Tari Kecak

It is called as “Cak” dance or Fire dance. Almost the local dance tari kecak in massive dance or entertainment dance, so it is not used in religious worship and other ceremonies.

This dance means emphasizing the invisible immunity of people before danger from the fire.

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