Top the most famous job in Indonesia

As a normal process of education in Indonesia, student will graduate elemnatary school, middle school, then high school and finally university.

After graduation, finding a good job is not easy because it requires many factors such as: experience, profession as well payment.

This article is top the most famous job in Indonesia as recommendation to apply a proper company as your plan.


Becoming a teacher is one of the noble job in Indonesia as well all over the world. It’s school environment building up and developing mental and morality for the human.

Teaching at schools in Indonesia has high level of requirements. Including in well manner, patient or creativity in learning method.


This job becomes loved and popular because it has high salary. Almost we work and work day by day because of money.

In Indonesia, there are various kind of banks including bank owned by government or privately. The main skills you need to improve such as skill in accounting field, communication with customers and management and analysis skill.

In general, bank employee in the governmental bank will get higher salary and more respected than other banks.


This job is also interesting because it has a pretty high salary compared other jobs. To become a government employee, you have to overcome a test exam. This recruitment is only organized one time per year. So level of difference is high strictly.

If you determine to get a job in the Government, you can join a short course or read books about the government test before officially register this a test exam. Maybe it is more effective for your final result.

Besides it, you have to know that a government employee can be adjusted to any place in the country. It can be different from your city you are living. Carefully consider about this job.

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