Top the most job in Indonesia

If you are intending to apply a job in Indonesia or you want to discover education in Indonesia, this article will be useful because we list top the most job which are popular and high salary in Indonesia.

4/ Information Technology (also called IT)

According to application technology in business- working as entertainment, IT becomes hotter and hotter, both man and woman in this nation.

Almost all companies, especially international co-operation need employing IT to support management system and doing business.

Estimated that annual income of this job is about 300 million per person. The highest salary for per month is 75 million. It is interesting to train course and apply a job about IT.

5/ Engineering

As role of a developing nation, Indonesia has hundreds of undertaken construction, even some buildings and infrastructures are under projects and developments. So engineering job has big demand.

Depending on experience and job requirements, average salary is about IDR 4 to 100 million per month. This job is on the top highest paid job.

6/ Salesman and marketing staff

Almost all industries are developing strongly with contribution of global co-operation. So they require professional experts about sales as well marketing to promote production faster and more efficiently.

In a national and global economy, all services like consumer products, retails, tourist or sociable media need advertising and doing business most. Salary is paid up to 175 million per month for an expert.

7/ Purchasing, supply chain and logistics

Any business or factory plan to do business with other parties, including domestic and external have to deal about procurement, purchasing material, supply chain and logistics staff. They play an important role in flow of production which they can save cost and expense for their business.

So almost group should be invested to build good labor force for this filed. You can earn about IDR 20 to 35 million per month for this job.

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