Top things to expect when going abroad in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for a wide range of tradition and culture. If you expect to broaden your knowledge and experience, it is a good idea to style abroad in this nation. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia which concentrates on a huge number of foreign people. Almost big universities will focus on this busy city.

In this article, we will discuss top things you feel surprising about Indonesia when studying abroad. Some things are good as your expectation but there is unpleasant thing. Hope you understand to have a good trip to this nation.

1/ Humidity

According to character of the weather, Indonesia has hot and wet climate during this year. For some foreign people, you can feel uncomfortable with this weather. All can be changed when you are in a room equipped air conditioners. In general, almost families or restaurants or departments should be used air conditioner as a compulsory furniture.

If you are a girl, you should use sun-scream to protect your skin before the sunny.

2/ Traffic

Due to the same as status of developing nation, traffic system in Indonesia has not improved modernly. You can usually face up with traffic jam in the rush hour. There are countless number of vehicles on the road but drivers can they don’t comply the rule, therefore some accidents can happen seriously.

It’s better that you use public vehicles and send free time for waiting traffic jam to read books or relax with music. It’s a good way to discover unique beauty of this nation.

3/ Smog

As the bad consequence of lots of traffic, there are lots of smog and dirty around this city. You feel uncomfortable when being outside. Therefore, you can make some diseases about breathing. It’s better that you use mask when going outside or avoid some places with lots of dirty and smoke.

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