Top things you should know about Indonesian culture before travel

Exploring about the Indonesia culture before travel will not only help you more useful traveling experience but also enrich wide range of knowledge in the world.

Seeing top thing about Indonesian culture from religious aspects to social habits then prepare enough data for a travel to Indonesia.

There is nothing called as ‘Indonesian Culture’

Indonesia names a particular nation but it doesn’t mean that all culture can call as “Indonesian culture”.

Estimated that there are more 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia. In per ethic group, they have their unique customs and distinctive cultural objects. So they don’t want to be called ““Indonesian culture”

All families are close among members

Indonesian tend to keep close and warmly relationships with members in their family, though they are different about age or job.

Almost they prefer to living a big family with many generations: grandparents, parents, you and your children. The young don’t like to live in private house alone although they already have a stable income.

Prior to religious commitments

The first thing in the morning for everyone is praying for a new day. They seem spiritual and respectful to the religion. So every daily ritual, ceremonies or festival, they carefully prepare worship.

They have hundreds of traditional belief systems

Ethic group’s diversity extends to the variety of traditional belief systems as well. Many communities still live and keep the religions as well practices of their unique ancestors. So it’s various to explore animism and dynamism.

Indonesians are collective

Since history in millions of year ago, Indonesians have always lived in the general community. Farmers work to grow crops together. Villages communicate and support to develop their lives each other. They live and respect principles of collectivism even office workplace or public places. Indonesian are always friendly and sociable.

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