Trends in the USA and Canada for Indonesian student

As major trend for student in Indonesia, they intend to go abroad to USA or Canada. According to the report, USA and Canada become the popular destination for Indonesian students. In this article, we will continue to discuss experience when the Indonesian student go to USA and Canada for study.

If in the previous article, we refer that going abroad to USA is not easy and need a big sum of money but they prefer to going to this nation to improve international knowledge as well develop modern skills from advanced technology. Besides it, some people choose Canada as one perfect destination to discover new tradition- new custom- new people as well new economy.

As the rule from Canada, any Indonesia student wants to go abroad in this nation, you need to fulfill the study permit. This visa is compulsory to begin your study abroad in this developed country like Canada. To have the study permit, you need to ask one visa form online or on paper. Then the application center will ask you for an interview and medical exam. Depending on your profile, you can be approved in valid 3 months. After this time, you should ask the renewal visa at the immigration office to continue to study. About fee of applying the study permit, you need to pay on average 150 CAD.

The reason why Indonesian students prefer to go abroad to Canada because of some major reasons such as: economy, scientist and guide. After graduation, you have other good opportunities to choose good company in a wide range of database. However, to go abroad to Canada is not easy. By this way, the Government want to control all status of foreign students at there. Therefore, sometimes they offer a full or a partial scholarship to lower pressure about the financial burden

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