Trends in the USA and Canada for Indonesian student

Going abroad becomes trends for Indonesian student nowadays. They expect to improve advanced technology as well improved culture then come back their nation and build up it stronger and wealthier.

According to the report of the education association, students prefer to going abroad to USA and Canada. In this article, we will discuss detail about the reason and growth status of this trend.

The fact that, going abroad to USA has not become easy with everyone all over the world because their government impose visa restrictions and policies when they faced Iraq war 2003 or the terror attacks in recent years. Although international students have intended to drop dramatically, Indonesian students have trends to do study at USA- one of the biggest nations in the world.

For the report of USA educational officials, a number of Indonesian student ranks 19th-largest of international students. Estimated that there are 60% of Indonesia students are studying in the undergraduate degrees, 14% in the graduate level, 3% for non-degree level and 8% students in OPT. As far as we know, USA have professional systems for all majors and subjects. Above all, Indonesian students focus on STEM fields, about 33.1%, business and managements fields, about 28%. They are the main fields which cover majority in USA. As notice, almost institutions for Indonesian students are community colleges or higher education.

In general, the education in USA attract Indonesian students due to major reasons. The main is improvement of speaking English as international language in the world. Besides it, the reputation about high quality service of institution also makes impression to student. As good consequences, the big groups or companies prefer to employ international students who reach certificates in USA. Also, the cost of going abroad is cheaper than other nations such as Australia, Malaysia or China because of the national currency.

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