Where should we visit in Indonesia?

Indonesiah located in Southeast Asia is an island nation with more than 13,000 other small and big islands. Tourist are attracted by beauty of tropical landscapes around numerous seas. Actually it is interesting to travel to Indonesia and discover the nature and the people there, especially in summer vacation. So, where we should go when visiting Indonesia. Following recommendations below

Firstly, Java Island is the most popular destination. Population density ranks one of cities highly in the world. It is famous for the volcanoes, even some the volcanoes are still active.

Volcanoes in Indonesia

In West Java, Pangandaran is the most beautiful beach with surf breaks activities. Besides it, Yogyakarta is one of Java’s top attractions of Java. It treats as the self-governing city, separated with Java community. There are some famous shows at here such as wayang kulit, gamelan or traditional and contemporary Javanese art.

Secondly, you can’t miss Bali. Although it is only a small island, it varies about nature with majestic mountains, limestone and volcanoes along the sea. The famous volcano is Gunung Agung. It has height in nearly 2 miles. Bali is also famous for stunning rice fields in the mountain if your view is from the sky. You feel the natural beauty is really amazing

Finally, come to Lombok. You can have experience in rural way of life from the local. They almost live in empty beaches. It is also dominated by a big volcano named after Rinjani volcano. Its height is 2.3 miles. You feel completely relaxing and peaceful in mind in the simple life there. In addition, Lombok has many clean and fresh beaches which is a little wild and non-commercial

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Conclusion: Cities in Indonesia are developing and modernizing day by day. Getting experience in Indonesia helps you to improve more memories and feeling about island area. Enjoy the natural beauty at Malaysia now

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