World Heritage Sites in the city of Malacca – Malaysia

Malacca city is like a Venice of Asia thanks to the peaceful beauty of the river and the ancient wooden houses reflecting down the river. This place preserves precious historical features of Malaysia. Which used to be the busiest trading port of this country from more than 500 years ago.

Malacca has received a lot of Western culture through trade. The ancient city of Malacca is peaceful with Portuguese and English architectures. Everywhere in the central area, visitors can also encounter ancient ruins.

As the ancient capital, the oldest city in Malaysia, Malacca was once a busy gathering place of merchants from many countries. That has made Malacca exist many different ethnic colors and religions, present in life, architecture and religion.

Malacca used to be an important trading port of Southeast Asia for many centuries. Meanwhile, the West is an ancient town bearing the imprint of the Chinese people.

From the city center, across the bridge over the Malacca river to the west is the busy and colorful Chinatown. This neighborhood is considered typical of the scale and architecture of an old town.

This neighborhood has been delighted by tourists as they wander into the flea market held on weekends in the heart of the old town. In the city center, at the foot of Melaka Church, colorful flower beds blooming under the gentle golden autumn sun.

Nearby is the A’Famosa fortress, one of the works preserving Western architecture in Asia. This place used to be a large architectural complex, but after the Dutch colonial invasion. All have gradually disappeared, now only remnants of the wall are left.

Malacca is also considered a museum city. In Malacca there are about 15 museums. There are such as the marine museum designed like the Flora de la Mar sailing boat by the naval admiral.

The independent memorial museum is keeping documents related to the period Malaysia’s escape.

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